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Tiger's Eye -  Star Soul Metaphysics Caffe

Tiger's Eye

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Tiger’s Eye teaches integrity and right use of power. If you have misused, abused, or failed to take hold of your power in the past, this stone shows you how to let power flow through you for the good of all. If you are spaced out and uncommitted or overly proud and willful, wearing it develops your personal will assertively but sensitively. If you find it difficult to remain optimistic, particularly when things seem to be going well, carrying Tiger’s Eye helps you trust in the future and set realistic goals for yourself. This stone balances your needs with others’ and promotes creative compromise. Golden Tiger’s Eye lets you make decisions from a place of reason rather than emotion.

Tiger’s Eye traditionally protects against the evil eye; carry one when you are facing a potential verbal, mental or psychic attack by someone in a position of power or who has emotional influence over your.

A natural luck and money bringer, tiger’s eye keeps potential shopaholics in check as it injects a reality principle into finances. It helps those who work with stocks and shares and is good for real estate agents, bankers and insurance staff. It balances money-generating skills with what will actually work, and helps assess the reliability of would-be clients.