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Crystals For Healing

”In a crystal we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being.” Nikola Tesla, Serbian-American engineer and physicist, 1900


Throughout history gemstones and crystals have been used for mental, physical and spiritual healing.  The stones are believed to attract or repel certain energies and have healing abilities.  Crystals and healing stones can be used to benefit body, mind, spirit, pets, plants, the land, and the planet.  gemstones and crystals act as conduits for healing by allowing positive energies to flow from the stone to the body, while the body releases negative energy into the stones.

Grids are another great way to heighten the crystals for healing power.  Grids are made with intentions and placed in a “sacred place” in your home.  Grids can be made using specific patterns such as sacred geometry or different shapes or one can simply use his/her intuition to make a grid of choice. 

For those that meditate regularly, you can hold specific crystals for healing while meditating or place them on or around your body for deeper mediations

You can carry certain crystals for healing in your pocket or a wallet, have them around your home, office or a car or simply use them as decorations.  Which ever way you choose to do it, crystals for healing benefits will work for you to its full potential.  It’s a good idea to cleanse your crystals regularly and charge them during full moon or in the sun. You can cleanse your crystals by burning either sage or incense sticks and holding the crystals in the smoke to cleanse the stored energies or you can cleanse them with your intention. Certain crystals such as selenite, citrine or kyanite don’t need to be cleansed as they don’t build up negative vibrations.  Some crystals are known for their ability to cleanse other crystals.  You can use amethyst, clear quartz or citrine clusters, raw kyanite, selenite plates or wands and carnelian to cleanse your collection of crystals for healing.

The purpose is not to replace western medicine with healing properties of crystals but to enhance its positive effects. 


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