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Stromatolite | Star Soul Metaphysics


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Stromatolite gently removes energy blockages and old stagnate energy.  It is believed to carry eternal knowledge with the ability to look into the future.   It transmutes strong Earth energy, keeps you grounded and reminds you of your life purpose as well as significance of life.  It revives your passion for your purpose, improves your productivity and shows you a path to achieve it.  It brings love and compassion into your life.  Stromatolite assists with past-life meditation and helps with healing at an emotional level.  It allows one to open to the process of change and all the possibilities it brings.  Stromatolite gives us open vision of our needs and assists in adapting to new surroundings we create.  Stromatolite can be considered either a stone or fossil.  It assists with physical well being and improves vision.  It aids in reducing stress and fluid retention.