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Sodalite -  Star Soul Metaphysics Caffe


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Sodalite is a universal healing crystal, releasing gentle waves of power that spread through the system. Hold it before healing work to help you understand the underlying cause of the illness or distress and how best to heal it. A cooling stone, it calms physical or emotional overheating, a racing pulse, or high blood pressure. It gently balances blood-sugar levels and relieves inflammation, pain from burns, and problems with ears, throat, sinuses, mouth and thyroid. It helps the lymph and pituitary glands or glands in the mouth.

It is good for preserving old churches and places of worship that have become neglected.

It helps those facing retirement or redundancy. It allows parents to move creatively to the next phase when children leave home. It helps teachers and all involved in the law to act wisely. Sodalite overcomes the fear of flying.