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Snowflake Obsidian | Star Soul Metaphysics

Snowflake Obsidian

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A stone that indicates new beginnings, hope after a setback and gentle gradual improvement in an area of your life that has caused you pain.

Snowflake obsidian will improve circulation, assist the processing of fat and encourage cell and skin regrowth. Use it for warming limbs, to help blurred vision, to soothe migraines and to dissolve depression. It will remove pain and energize at the same time. Use in empowerments for a fairer distribution of world resources and wealth.

A stone for spring-cleaning, it clears away illusions and prevents daydreaming. Use it to acknowledge and express your own negative feelings and needs without feeling guilty.

Add to a charm bag to give you protection and good fortune. It increases clairaudient powers and can be used to discover the truth about a person or situation. It assists accuracy when reading the I Ching.