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Quartz Clear

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Clear crystal quartz is probably the most versatile of all crystals and can be used for any healing, energizing or cleansing work. In its clear form, the quartz is pure yang energy, associated with masculine properties, light, an active response and the power of the sun.

Quartz Crystal absorbs energy from sunlight and the life force in flowers, trees and all plants, and can draw down divine light. It will store and concentrate this energy, to be release in healing or magic or just a pure vitality. The white light radiates through the body as the seven chakra colours, each ray unblocking and energizing its own associated chakra. Crystal points are most frequently used for healing.

Clear Crystal Quartz will absorb negativity from the atmosphere and transform it into rays of healing and positive feelings. Even the tiniest piece will send healing vibrations to the planet creating a world community based on tolerance and diversity. Bury tiny quartz crystals in soil to regenerate wasteland and help bring back wildlife.