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Nuummite also known as the “Sorcerer’s Stone”, is considered a very rare metamorphic rock and the oldest mineral, around 3 billion years old.  Nuummite is a strong protection and grounding stone that enhances our intuition and the psychic abilities.  It resonates within the earth star chakra, and it will attune with your energy to heighten any magical abilities you already possess.  Nuummite is known to bring good luck.  It protects against hostility, psychic attack and wards off all negative energies intentionally sent your way. It will create a protective shield around the aura and deflect any external energetic intrusions.  It will remove any stagnant energies and replenish your aura with purifying energy.   Nuummite will help release what no longer serves you, all trapped energies in the subconscious mind. It will take you deep into your inner psyche to better understand your true self and will help you embrace your own shadows.  It helps us identify if we are standing in our own way and helps us discard those limiting beliefs. Nuummite helps release old karmic debt and bonds.  It’s a perfect stone for empaths as It creates a strong electromagnetic shield around your aura and it will prevent you from taking on other people’s energies.  Place Nuummite over your third eye and allow its energy to be absorbed into your pineal gland.  You’ll feel pulsating energy throughout your whole body. 

It can be used to stimulate circulation, to regulate insulin production, subside infections and to reduce anxiety and stress.