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Lepidolite activates the throat chakra, the heart chakra, the third-eye, and the intellect. It also opens the crown chakra and allows for the flowering of the inner blue lotus, assisting one to become aware of the subtle vibratory energies both within and without of the self.

It is used for stress reduction and to alleviate despondency.

The energy of lepidolite is refreshing and almost sentimental; it assists in the transformation of the energies of lesser spiritual ideals to the energies of universal light, hope, and acceptance.

It is recognized as a “stone of transition”, helping one through situations of variability in this life and assisting in the restricting and reorganization of old patterns. It further serves to gently induce change and to allow for smooth passage during the change.

It is an excellent stone for business pursuits, combining the energy of diplomacy with direction and unimpeded communication.

It can induce the attribute of self-love, bringing a child-like love and acceptance to the user, while allowing for the aspect of trust to flourish.

It assists one in openness and honesty, furthering the openness and honesty of those in proximity.

It can be used to locate energy blockages within the body; placing the lepidolite upon the different areas of the body, one can usually feel a slight resonance at the location of the obstruction.