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Labradorite -  Star Soul Metaphysics Caffe


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Labradorite connects you with the greater part of your soul that is outside incarnation so you receive guidance from that source. This powerful stone opens spiritual pathways and attunes you to your soul’s purpose incarnating.  Labradorite dissipates anxiety and stress in a person and reduces symptoms of depression. 

Labradorite is excellent for awakening one's own awareness of inner spirit, intuition and psychic abilities.  It's one of the most powerful stones for protection against negative energy and preventing energy leakage.  Labradorite is beneficial to the lungs, and may assist with respiratory problems, bronchitis and colds. It assists in digestion, regulation, and metabolism.

Place Labradorite on your third eye to heal eye diseases and migraines that arise from block psychic power. At a physical level, Labradorite laid in the hollow in the back of the skull may regulate metabolism and hormonal balance and relieve PMS. Crystal healers use it to heal inflammatory conditions, such as rheumatism or gout. Worn over the higher heart chakra, it protects against colds and may lower blood pressure. Labradorite acts as a witness during distant radionic treatment.  It's a stone of transformation.

 Each stone is approximately 9-15 grams (1"-1.5" long)