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Fluorite teaches you how to move in life with ease and and embrace challenging situations.  Fluorite produces an energy which is predisposed to discourage chaotic, disruptive, and disorganized growth. It emits an energy which can be used to stabilize and to produce order within the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual systems. Fluorite's stabilising energy will remind you that you need balance in your life.  It can be used to bring order to chaos.

Fluorite helps to impart impartiality and unbiased, detached reasoning in situations where it would be beneficial to both view and to act upon information objectively.

It is excellent in helping one to understand the balances intrinsic to relationships. Fluorite provides for a stabilizing energy, helping relationships, groups, and individuals to flourish in the realm of that which is beneficial to all.

Fluorite stimulates the regeneration of the skin and mucous membranes, particularly in the respiratory tract and the lungs.