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Desert Rose -  Star Soul Metaphysics Caffe

Desert Rose

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Each rose is about 15-20 grams in weight.

Listen to your inner voice and, if necessary, step back and take stock of your life before making any concrete or important decisions. This is the stone of inner gold, which represents your as yet undeveloped potential.

Desert Rose is an excellent crystal for healing grief and abuse and for letting go of what holds you back from experiencing life to the full. It is good for viral infections, especially skin ones, such as warts. Desert Rose also relieves nausea and so is good for travel sickness and an unsettled stomach caused by tension. Desert Rose will calm panic attacks and aid phobias, especially claustrophobia.

Place a Desert Rose in the center of the home for family unity. At work, it is good to help you to develop a particular area of expertise or responsibility and for long-term training. Carry a Desert Rose crystal to keep a low profile at a time of possible redundancies, sackings, or general tension in the workplace.