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Carnelian Palm Tree | Star Soul Metaphysics
Carnelian Palm Tree | Star Soul Metaphysics

Carnelian Tree

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Brighten up your space with this gorgeous carnelian palm tree which carrier energy of sun and lifts up mood and energy in the room.

Carnelian provides an energy conducive to the stabilization of energy in the home. The energy of Carnelian is favorable with respect to cleansing negativity from other stones. When directed, it provides for a clearing action while directing any negative energy, which is with the area, toward the light of transmutation.

Carnelian is a stabilizing stone that boosts confidence and stimulates creativity. It helps to strengthen your will power and motivation and gives courage to persuade your goals.  This is a stone supports sacral chakra and resonates well within the solar plexus and root chakras. It stimulates sexual energy and helps increase fertility.

It can be used in the treatment of neuralgia, gall stones, kidney stones, pollen allergies, and colds. It can also be useful to aid in the amelioration of disorders of the spine, spleen, and pancreas. It has been used as an elixir to help heal cuts and abrasions.