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Blue Onyx -  Star Soul Metaphysics Caffe

Blue Onyx

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Blue Onyx is an excellent stone for initiating the modes of centering and alignment of the total person with the higher powers. It can be used to banish grief, to enhance self-control, to stimulate the power of wise decision-making, and to encourage happiness and good fortune. Blue Onyx helps on to absorb, from the universe, those energies which are needed.

It can be used to cleanse the intuitive receivers such that one may feel the connection to the whole while continuing to be aware of the many opportunities available for use of intuitive guidance.

Blue Onyx also furthers the quality of sentience of the instincts, helping one to both see and feel the guidance.

Onyx can also help one to see the duality of ones nature and to synthesize the yin and yang into the whole. It can be used to provide glimpses of that which lies “beyond”, while providing for activation of the memory with respect to ones “roots” of personal strengths and assisting one in the understanding of the reality of the moment. Blue Onyx helps one to become master of ones own future.

Blue Onyx has been used in the treatment of disorders related to bone marrow, to the soft tissue structures, and to the feet.