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Ametrine is said to be the complete balance of the properties of amethyst and citrine and this stone brings together the physical and psychic worlds as no other stone can.  Amethyst will help clear confusion and gain clarity and citrine will help with manifesting clear visions.  Since combination of amethyst and citrine work in harmony, this make ametrine an excellent stone for promoting harmony within your life.  Ametrine blends masculine and feminine energy – the masculine energy of citrine, and the feminine energy of amethyst.  It eases stress and tension and alleviates depression and anxiety.  Ametrine will give you support through changes and ease the transition.  Ametrine is a great stone to enhance focus and support productivity.

Its powerful cleansing properties disperse toxins from the body.  It releases blockages in the physical, emotional, and mental subtle bodies. It assists with digestive issues and helps to stimulate metabolism.