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Bloodstone signifies courage and wisdom.

Bloodstone protects the soul on many levels, keeping out undesirable entities and dispelling mental confusion. Regarded as a shape-shifting stone because its colors change in different lights, it teaches you how to travel invisibly between the worlds and negotiate different realms. In everyday life, Bloodstone shows when it is appropriate to strategically withdraw from situations, but instills the courage to confront threats when necessary. Carry it if you need to adjust to new circumstances. This stone heals the ancestral line by dispelling negative patterns, helping you live in the present untrammeled by the past. With Bloodstone raising your vibrations, you become a purified being.

The message which lies within bloodstone is to “be here now”. It grants one the mastery of renewal – for renewal of the physical, mental and emotional. It also provides for the revitalization of love, relationships, and friendships.

It has been used in the treatment of the spleen, and to purify the blood, kidneys, bladder, intestines and liver. It can neutralize the toxins within the body and can provide for elimination of same. It has been used in the treatment of leukemia, and to stabilize, balance, and increase or decrease, as necessary, the flow of blood. It has also been used to aid in the rectification of failing eyesight, lung congestions, and rashes.