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Hematite and Turquoise Bracelet | Star Soul Metaphysics

Hematite and Turquoise Bracelet

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Handmade Hematite and Turquoise Bracelet 10 mm beads

 Hematite's energy is earthy, and it is one of the best stones that you can use to harness the power of the element of earth to lend you strength and dispel negativity.  Hematite is a very protective stone and is great to carry to help you stay grounded in many situations. Hematite is also good for working with the Root Chakra, helping to transform negative energies into a more positive vibration.  Hematite has the ability to absorb any toxic emotions holding you back. It's great for healing the body because it cleanses the blood and supports circulation.  Hematite is also an excellent manifestation tool and it gives you clarity and focus. It's a good stone for organizing one's thoughts and developing logical thinking skills.

Turquoise helps increase confidence and dispels negative energy.  It attracts prosperity and success.  Turquoise calms the nerves and reduces anxieties and fears.   Also called the traveler’s stone it will help provide a safe voyage.  Because of its protective properties it’s often used as amulets and wearing one as a piece of jewelry will give a wearer strength, clarity and protection.  Turquoise is said to give access to the collective wisdom of humankind.