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Everything You Need To Know About Black Obsidian Stones

Black obsidian stones have been used by individuals for centuries, supporting them to connect with both the spiritual and physical world. As one of the most powerful stones out there, these beautiful black stones are renowned for their metaphysical properties and can be the perfect addition to your home and jewelry collection.



Here at Star Soul, we know just how fantastic black obsidian stones can be in helping you transform your space and connect with the world around you. That is why we thought we would take a closer look at the properties of these beautiful stones.


What is black obsidian?

Before we take a look at the metaphysical properties of black obsidian, we thought it was first important to take a look at what these are. These intensely beautiful and powerful stones are formed when a volcano erupts, and the lava is quickly cooled. The stone is easily recognized thanks to the jet black and shiny surface they have once tumbled.


Black obsidian is very hard and smooth and can have particularly sharp edges in its raw form but can also be sculpted into any shape. This makes it very popular for use in home décor and jewelry.


What are the metaphysical properties of black obsidian?

For many years, black obsidian stones have been associated with deep mystery and intrigue thanks to their ability to absorb. The stones are also known for their ability to be a spiritual cleanser, absorbing the psychic fog and helping you to see things more clearly. This is why the stones have become very popular for those looking to increase their spiritual connection and protection and are often used in feng shui.



The stone has an array of metaphysical properties that can help users, and its most prominent ability is to help cleanse and ground individuals. Thanks to its roots in the base chakras, black obsidian enjoys a very strong connection with the earth, allowing it to as a grounding force, drawing the negativity away. Not only does the stone draw that negativity away, but it holds it inside, ensuring that it does not transmute it, helping to block psychic attacks. This powerful property can be incredibly beneficial, but it does require the stone to be cleansed regularly.  


This strong connection with the earth also allows people to use black obsidian to connect with other spiritual realms. The shiny face can help to facilitate communication with loved ones who have passed on, and the material is commonly used in crystal balls.  


How is black obsidian used?

The most common way to use black obsidian is by wearing it as jewelry.  The direct skin contact will connect you with a powerful protection and grounding properties of obsidian.  The intense grounding that black obsidian offers also helps to bring you back down to earth. This is perfect for helping you to take time out to reassess your outlook, allowing you to focus on what needs to be done to improve your life.



A piece of a tumble obsidian or a palm stone is great for meditation to connect you to the spirit world.  Focus on your chakra system and have the light go through each of your chakras.  Starting from the crown chakra working your way down to the root chakra, obsidian will assist you in both connecting with the divine light and rooting you deep down into the mother Earth.

Another option is to have a chunk of obsidian placed in one of the rooms in the house for protection of the entire home and for blocking of any psychic attack sent your way whether intentional or via envy.  With elements of water, fire, and earth, black obsidian stones can be an incredibly powerful addition to your life. They are a great way to help you remove any negativity in your life, particularly in those instances when you are looking to cut ties in a toxic relationship or leave a difficult environment, such as a poor workplace.




Looking to discover the benefits of black obsidian stones?

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