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Crystals for Emotional Healing

Crystals for Emotional Healing

Emotional trauma can take away from quality of a person’s life, leaving them feeling empty and unmotivated.  Sometimes emotional trauma can make more damage than a physical trauma.  It could be one big incident or number of small ones over the period that can leave long lasting effects on a person’s life and their mental health.  The first step to healing an emotional trauma is awareness and acceptance.  Embrace the feeling of despair, sadness, guilt, humiliation and other lower frequency feelings going inside of you at that moment.  They are your guidance system telling you what old patterns are stuck inside of you. 

There are gemstones that can support you on your journey to healing your emotional traumas and here we chose 10 that would be a great addition to your existing therapy.


Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz known as the heart healer restores love and trust within yourself.  It purifies and opens the heart bringing emotional healing to one’s whole being.  It vibrates universal and unconditional love and gives comfort in times of grief.  Rose Quartz releases emotional pain and negative energy while supporting self-love.  The gentle energy of Rose Quartz will bring a feeling of fulfillness and accomplishment giving you confidence to set more intentions in the future. 

Petrified Wood

Petrified Wood is a stone of transformation.   It’s deeply connected with Earth and having this stone close to you will ground you and root you deep into the Mother Earth.  It has strong connection with our ancestors which brings guidance and feeling of knowing which choices to make and what approach to take.  This brings piece of mind, calmness and stability.  Petrified Wood will help you center yourself, calm your nerves and provide you with sense of security. 



Iolite is a healing stone for abuse and trauma survivors.  It guides towards a positive perspective while offering insight and guidance.  Iolite is a vision stone and can result in profound wisdom.  This stone will assist you in letting go of old beliefs which hold you back and help you release suppressed feelings.  It will help with healing emotional wounds and achieve the state of peacefulness and contentment.  Iolite brings joy and laughter into the home, so put it where light can shine on it. 

Black Tourmaline

Known for its grounding properties, black tourmaline will reduce anxiety and sooth trauma.  It absorbs negative energy and transmutes it to light.  This stone will help you stay centered and rooted giving you a feeling of calmness.  It enhances personal powers, so you’ll feel confidence to overcome any blockages and set new goals.  It will assist you with replacing old negative habits and patterns with new, positive ones.  Black Tourmaline’s high protective properties will ward off any negative energies sent your way and return it back to its source. 


Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz known as the ‘Master Healer’ is a powerful cleanser that will assist you with your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing.  This stone connects to all the chakras and helps clear blockages in your energy centers.  Clear Quartz is an energy amplifier and when you focus on an intention it will amplify its manifestation and help keep clear and focused mind.  When setting an intention, hold a piece of clear quartz and use “I am crystal clear” phrase and to amplify the manifestation use the phrase “I manifest my intentions with ease”.



Amethyst is a powerful and protective stone. It’s a natural tranquilizer, it soothes irritability and brings piece and clarity during chaotic times.  It dissipates anger, fear and anxiety replacing it with calmness, feeling of security and serenity.  Amethyst cleanses the aura of any negative energies while creating a protective shield around your body helping you stay protected and calm.  Keep an amethyst cluster in your bedroom to help you with insomnia.



This soothing stone will support emotional and behavioral transition from feelings of apathy and depression to joy and fulfillment.   It helps to stay in the present moment relieving anxieties about future and burdens from the past.  It alleviates depression and brings feeling of hope and faith for future endeavors.  It can induce the attribute of self-love, bringing a child-like love and acceptance to the user, while allowing for the aspect of trust to flourish.


Morion / Black Smoky Quartz 

This stone will pull out stagnate old energies that were stuck within you.  Old patterns that were weighting you down will come to surface and give you a chance to gently release them.  Morion Quartz is very calming when you feel overwhelmed and are comforting in times of grief.  Morion Quartz has a powerful protective energy that dispels and transmutes negative energies.  Its uplifting energy will have you feel rejuvenated and help you get clarity and solutions to any problem.  Morion Quartz is known for one the strongest stones for protection against evil spirits.



Citrine is an emotionally balancing stone as well as stone of manifestation.  This uplifting stone will bring enthusiasm and motivation to your life.  Citrine will give you support to overcome depression, anger, mood swings and apathy providing you with feelings of hope and confidence.   For those struggling with self-worth, confidence and boundaries, hold a piece of citrine and repeat a phrase “I embrace my success and self-worth”.  Citrine holds the vibration of abundance whether it be health, wealth, joy, prosperity or anything else you need.  Set the intention and with the help of this bright stone let the abundance flow into your life. 



Unakite will help you turn your painful life experiences into life lessons with gratitude.  This stone will guide you to the root of the problem, the cause becoming apparent in the cases of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual planes of existence.  It can facilitate the re-birthing process and can help one to deal with both the information and the events of the past which have instilled blockages within the meridians and energy centers of the body. Unakite provides for a gentle release of those conditions which have been inhibiting one’s growth.  Its vibration will provide patience and stamina to go through the process of emotional healing as well as love and compassion for all the past and future experiences life might bring. 


Gemstones are great support to healing emotional trauma, however they are not to be replaced with any treatments given by a doctor.  They can add support to the existing treatment and heighten the frequencies.  It’s highly advisable to seek a therapist especially with deep traumas and introduce gemstones that support emotional traumas to your existing treatment.  Check our collection of natural healing gemstones here and enjoy high vibrations these stones offer.

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