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Crystal Healing for Beginners

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An Introduction to Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is a type of alternative therapy that has been used in ancient cultures throughout history and has grown in popularity in the present day. Gemstones and crystals are believed to have a stable and unchanging energy pattern, each with a unique frequency and energy field, or resonance, which in turns helps to harmonize unstable energies in our own body. For this reason, gemstones and crystals have been used for mental, physical, and spiritual healing. The stones act as conduits for healing by allowing positive energies to flow from the stone to the body, while the body releases negative energy into the stones.

When beginning your journey into crystal healing, there are a few basic stones that you can easily benefit from. These stones can be held or placed around your body during meditation or chakra work; they can be carried in your pocket or wallet, or you can place them in your home, car or office for decorative and healing purposes.


We recommend the following crystals for beginners:

  • Amethyst Quartz – For Healing

Amethyst has strong healing powers and is used to relieve stress and sadness, remove negativity and ease grief. Amethyst opens your third eye and clarifies spiritual vision, putting us more in tune with our intuition. It is also good to keep this stone near your bed for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Star Soul recommendations: Amethyst Clusters, Amethyst Palm Stones or Amethyst Towers

  • Rose Quartz – For Universal Love

Rose Quartz is known as the symbol of love in all its forms - romantic love, self-love, friendship, and more. The stone works by connecting to and opening our heart chakra. Rose quartz is an excellent stone for bringing peace; it will ease pain or tension and emotional wounds such as grief, stress, fear or anger, and in turn promote self-forgiveness and trust.

Star Soul recommendations: Rose Quartz Stone or Rose Quartz Pendant.

  • Black Tourmaline – For Protection

Black Tourmaline is the ultimate protection stone. Black Tourmaline can be used to both repel and protect against negativity by protecting us from being victimized by the negative energy of another. It has also been used as an energy deflector, being an excellent stone for those with potential for exposure to excessive amounts of radiation.

Star Soul recommendations: Black Tourmaline Pyramid or Black Tourmaline Palm Stone.

  • Citrine – For prosperity

Citrine is an emotionally balancing stone as well as a stone of manifestation. Known as The Merchant’s Stone, it helps in acquiring and maintaining wealth. Citrine also helps us manifest through visualization and can be used to help bring a desired object or goal from your thoughts into the everyday world.

Star Soul recommendations: Citrine Stone or Citrine Earrings.


Crystal Maintenance

To optimize the effectiveness of your crystals, it is a good idea to cleanse and charge the stones regularly. You can cleanse your crystals by burning sage or incense sticks and holding the crystals in the smoke to cleanse the stored energies or you can cleanse them by setting a new intention for the crystal. Certain crystals such as selenite, citrine or kyanite do not need to be cleansed as they do not build up negative vibrations. Some crystals are known for their ability to cleanse other crystals. You can use amethyst, clear quartz or citrine clusters, raw kyanite, selenite plates or wands and carnelian to cleanse your collection of crystals for healing. You can charge crystals during a full moon by placing them in a moonlight spot overnight, or you can choose to charge them during the day by placing them in sunlight.


Please note: The purpose is not to replace western medicine with healing properties of crystals but to enhance its positive effects.

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