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The Best Gemstones For Anxiety

Is anxiety holding you back? In this fast-paced world, it has never been tougher to escape the hustle and bustle of modern life and find some time to ourselves. This is resulting in a sharp rise in the number of people feeling stressed and anxious. The fear of unknown gives us uncertainty creating a reaction in our body that feels stressful and uneasy. Gemstones vibrate on high frequencies and certain ones provide frequency of tranquillity, calmness and re assurance that all will be well. When you match the frequency of that gemstone you will take on those vibrations and get support you need to make it through a certain situation.

If you are feeling your anxiety is on the rise and are looking for a way to bring some stability and calmness back to your life, then gemstones can be a wonderful way to realign your energy. Incorporating the right crystals into your life can help you to harness their power, reducing anxiety and supporting you to feel more centered and relaxed. What are the best gemstones for anxiety, though? We thought we would take a closer look.


If you are feeling tense and worried, then Amazonite is a wonderful crystal that can help to soothe your anxiety and improve your clarity. The beautiful green and blue gemstone has long been used as a talisman of hope and is renowned for its strong healing properties. Its soothing vibrations will relax the brain and nervous system offering the feeling of calmness and serenity.

Connected with elements of both earth and water, Amazonite can help to absorb those negative emotions and anxiety, turning them into positive energy that will spur you on.

Blue Tigers eye

Often combined with Amazonite, Blue Tigers Eye is a powerful stone that helps to give you the courage to get through the most challenging of situations. The stunning crystal supports you to release the fear and anxiety that is holding you back, providing you with harmony and balance. Just like other colours of Tiger’s eye, blue one shields against “evil eye” as well. Carry a piece of Blue Tigers Eye with you to feel motivated, uplifted and determined, knowing you’re on the right path.

By supporting you to uncloud your emotions, Blue Tigers Eye allows you to focus with confidence and strengthen your self-worth.


feeling anxious about social engagements? Sodalite can help to ease your mind by supporting rational thinking, intuition, and objectivity. Often referred to as the ‘stone of peace’, the blue gemstone helps to absorb fear and tension, the two primary factors of anxiety, and transform them into feelings of balance and harmony. Sodalite will help you to speak your truth and balance your throat chakra, so you’ll feel more confident within social gatherings and standing up for yourself.

Sodalite is a great way to help you to keep yourself centered, allowing you to approach situations with a calm head.


The gentle and calming influence of the Angelite gemstone makes it a wonderful choice if you are struggling with anxiety and stress from the non-stop bustle of modern life. The peaceful gem supports calming and healing, helping to banish negative emotions and convert them into feelings of serenity. It helps to process forgiveness while filling your heart with compassion and empathy.
Angelite brings surrender allowing you to let go of old patterns and focus on the present moment.

Angelite can also help you to feel more supported and loved, further reducing your anxiety and helping to ensure you do not feel alone.

Grey Botswana Agate

If you are finding that your obsessive behaviour is causing your anxiety to rise, then the soft and gentle Grey Botswana Agate crystal can help to provide you with the stability you need. The stone is renowned for its comforting and protective properties, balancing your emotional, intellectual, and physical energy.

The tranquil gem helps to absorb negative energy, bringing about positivity and optimism, ensuring you can feel better about the world around you.


If you are looking to enhance your spiritual and mental clarity while reducing anxiety, then Ametrine is a fantastic solution. Since combination of amethyst and citrine work in harmony, this make ametrine an excellent stone for promoting harmony within your life.   The strong healing properties of the stone help you to release any negativity from your aura, allowing you to remain focused and calm. Amethyst will help clear confusion and gain clarity and citrine will help with manifesting clear visions. 

This ability to clear the stress and tension in your head can also help to alleviate those feelings of anxiety, depression, and stress.

Looking for gemstones to help alleviate your anxiety?
If you are looking to alleviate your anxiety, then here at Star Soul, we have a wide array of crystals to help you. Want to find out more? Get in touch with our friendly team, who will be happy to help you.

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